NYIGF Inside Scoop: Il Sacchetto Sack

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Product: The Il Sacchetto Sack

We’re posting about the most unique, exciting and sure-to-be-popular gift ideas that we’re seeing while walking the New York International Gift Fair. It is one of the biggest events of its kind in the world and it’s right here in our own back yard. It’s also only open to media and buyers so read-on for our exclusive inside scoop. Check back daily to see all of our fab finds.

What is it?
The Il Sacchetto Sack is a sack that is made of natural cellulose fiber, which is a sustainable and eco-friendly plant based material. The creatively designed sacks can be used for a range of house hold storage for storing toys, pillows, throws, waste, laundry, or apparel, and you can even store dry foods like potatoes, onions, and garlic to name a few. These sacks are foldable and washing machine friendly!

Why do I love it?
I love the durability of these sack’s and the options it lends for storage. These sacks come in several shapes, sizes and colors, so you can really get creative with storing your every day house hold items and do it in style. I really love the clever design and how the sack is a fun take on the ol’ paper lunch bag! I really see myself having a bunch of these sacks in my kitchen, but can also see myself having a few of these sacks in my bedroom to store my everyday items that always seem to be creating clutter, like my hair accessories for one!

Who would you give it to?
These sacks would be a great gift for the busy parent in your life. The one who has their kids’ toys scattered all over the floor or stuffed into a corner, or under the bed, because they have nowhere to store them. I would also consider gifting these greatly designed sacks to the eco-conscience person in your life who has a flair for creative design.

When can we buy it?
You can order these sacks at a range of different online stores like LittleFashionGallery.com or you can order at essent-ial.com

What’s the retail price?
Price ranges from $13.00 – $60.00 depending on the size of the sack

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