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Each summer the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, becomes the world’s largest outdoor sports industry showcase and gathering. With over 25,000 exhibitors and attendees, OR (as it’s known in the industry) is THE place to find the hot products, browse latest industry trends and see great coming-soon gear from over 1,000 outdoor lifestyle and recreational brands. The trick for a Gift Guru is to find the fun, unique, helpful and ultimately gift-able products from the thousands on hand. With what seems like acres of cool outdoor products, it’s gotta be special to catch my eye. Here’s one that would make a great gift!



THE GIFT: Farm to Feet Socks (coming Fall 2013 from $17 – $25)

THE SCOOP: A trend we love to continue to see, is gift buyers seeking out gifts made in the USA. So when we see a great American made gift story, we love to give these gifts and their story shout out.

Farm to Feet socks are about as American as it gets. Every part of the manufacturing process of these super comfy Merino wool socks is American. That means the wool is 100% sourced in the US, 100% of the manufacturing is done in the US (by American workers), even all packaging and point of sale materials are put together in the USA.

Another great part of the Farm to Feet story is the company will replace or refund the socks if they don’t bring complete satisfaction.

As for being a great gift, high quality socks are a no-brainer “go-to” gift. With a ton of styles to choose from, a pair certain to fit their personality will be easy to find. Merino socks are extremely soft to the skin and can be worn year round. Socks are obviously very practical, and they will get used often. Bottom line, a great gift giver always has quality socks in their gifting arsenal.

Gifts made in the USA, feel great to give and are a treat to get…Farm to Feet socks are no exception. Check them out.




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