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Each summer the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, becomes the world’s largest outdoor sports industry showcase and gathering. With over 25,000 exhibitors and attendees, OR (as it’s known in the industry) is THE place to find the hot products, browse latest industry trends and see great coming-soon gear from over 1,000 outdoor lifestyle and recreational brands. The trick for a Gift Guru is to find the fun, unique, helpful and ultimately gift-able products from the thousands on hand. With what seems like acres of cool outdoor products, it’s gotta be special to catch my eye. Here’s one that would make a great gift!



THE GIFTS: The new Freescape lineup from Gerber (coming February 2014 all $ TBA)

THE SCOOP: Over the past few years Gerber has extended their brand well beyond knife aficionados to have more mass appeal. Their newly announced “Freescape” (think Freedom + Escape) lineup aims to target the camping family with knifes and tools that are super useful when out on modest camping adventures.

The Freescape line aims to hit the sweet spot of invaluable camping gear at an accessible price (think most gear likely to be at or around $50) . The previewed lineup included three standout pieces (pictured below). First is the Freescape Flashlight which is a clever, triangular shaped (won’t roll off tables) powerful LED flashlight with varying brightness outputs. Also there was the Freescape Lantern which a small but powerful light source that dims with a mere touch to the side of the unit. And lastly was the Freescape Fixed Blade Knife which is the prefect size to tackle campsite tasks and even aid in food prep.

The Freescape tools will make great gifts as they are well conceived and helpful products that will allow anyone to become more adept at their campsite. Simply put, these gifts are “Camping 101″ gear for the outdoors lover.




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