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The Gift: LEGO Life of George (available October 1st for around $30)

The Scoop: LEGO’s Life of George is a brand new game that combines both physical and digital game play.

So how do you play? First you download the free Life of George app. to an Apple/iOS device (iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad…although not optimized for iPad)

Next, the game starts with the app telling a player to, as precisely and quickly as possible, construct a given LEGO model from the included LEGO bricks.

Then, when the player is done, the model is placed on a play mat and scanned with an iOS device. This mat acts like a green screen, so when the player completes the scan, the model is recognized, and scored based on accuracy and speed with which it took to build. Players take turns trying to achieve high scores.

The game has twelve levels with ten models to create within each level. The levels get increasingly difficult, so LEGO amateurs to experts alike will find Life of George a challenge. Thematically, all the models and levels reflect photos in George’s scrapbook from all his worldly travels.

I spent some time playing Life of George with my family last weekend. It’s a great family game, however I feel there’s something important to note. The game’s packaging suggests the game is appropriate ages “14+”. I’m gathering the reason for the “14+” suggestion is because a) you need an iOS device to play and b) there is a Facebook and social element to the game.

But in terms of actual game play, kids 8+ will really love this game and kids even younger may still get a kick out of it. Bottom line is Life of George is a great game the whole family can play and enjoy

A Great Gift For: LEGO loving Families with young kids

PS: So who is George? George is not only the face LEGO’s Life of George but a character who loves travel, photography and provides the backdrop and storyline for the Life of George game play. Feel free to interact and see what he’s up to on Facebook his page I Am George.

* LEGO provide with a sample of Life of George for review.

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