Toy Fair: New NERF Blasters = Wild & Wet!

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Toy Fair is the largest international toy and game trade show in the Western Hemisphere. Tens of thousands are on hand to check out over 1,000 exhibitors showcasing and previewing the hottest games, toys and trends for kids (of all ages!).

Each year the Gift Gurus walk the over 350,000 square feet of toys and games. It’s truly is a labor of love to scour the Javits Convention Center and get an early look at what’s new and exciting.

So, what were the hottest, most fun things we saw at Toy Fair this year? We couldn’t be more excited to share some of our favorites:

The Gifts: The NERF VORTEX LUMITRON (above left) and The NERF SUPER SOAKER LIGHTNING STORM Blasters (available Spring 2012 for around $30 and $25 respectively)

The Scoop: Two very cool blasters met the public at Toy Fair this year- one wild and one wet! The NERF VORTEX line launch last year was as good as it gets for me in the toy world, so spying a new VORTEX update is very exciting. The LUMITRON Blaster is a glow-in-the-dark, pump action blaster gets loaded with glow discs in its 10 disc clip. It’s hard to imagine VORTEX battles getting more intense, but when the lights get hit, LUMITRON is going be a beast.

Speaking of beasts, the SUPER SOAKER LIGHTING STORM will be a highly feared foe in backyards everywhere this summer. This water gun is a fully automatic, battery powered, monster boasting a range of 25 feet. The kicker is the LIGHTNING STORM’S 35 ounce capacity clip, which is thankfully interchangeable with other SUPER SOAKER Blasters. The whipped cream on top are the blasters detachable stock and blast shield.

A Great Gift For: Those (of any age!) who love blaster mayhem!!

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