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Editor Spotlight: PACT Baby

October 1, 2013    |    By +
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As a mom-to-be myself, I have been having so much fun researching baby products that will help simplify my transition into a chaotic and wonderful new life with a baby. You’ve seen my post about lightweight strollers, baby shower gifts for small spaces, a review of the Totseat Portable High Chair, and now it’s... Read more »

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Road Test: Ultra Lightweight Strollers

August 7, 2013    |    By +
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Practically every stroller company is introducing an ultra-light model to their line. Remember those rickety umbrella strollers from when you were a kid? Strollers have come a long way since. Lightweight strollers have convertible features you can adjust as the baby grows, and their weight certainly means easier use by the parents. Who wants... Read more »

7 Baby Shower Gifts for People Who Live in Small Spaces

July 29, 2013    |    By +
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thumbnail for space spaces

As a mom-to-be, I have chronic cute-itis. Don’t worry, cute-itis is not life-threatening. However, my cute-itis has me cooing over every cute baby thing that I come across (and in my job at, I come across A LOT) from infant skinny jeans to ginormous gingham gliding rockers. But here’s my buzz kill: I... Read more »

Inside the Beach Bag: Baby Edition

July 22, 2013    |    By +
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As a parent, it can sometimes be a daunting task to make sure that you have everything you need for a day out, especially if you have baby or toddler. Babies, whether the first or fourth or more, require a lot of stuff. Help out the moms in your life by creating a fun... Read more »

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Simple and Sweet Baby Shower Planning

July 9, 2013    |    By +
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baby shower guide

Planning a baby shower can be stressful, especially if you don’t have any kids or have never been to a baby shower and are tasked with the job of hostess. Don’t worry! Planning a baby shower is actually about as easy and fun as it gets. You should already have a theme and a... Read more »

NYIGF Inside Scoop: Apple Park

January 31, 2013    |    By +
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LT NYIGF_thumbnail_2_Liz

GIFT NAME: Apple Park Woodland Pal Plush Toys & Picnic Pal Backpacks We’re posting about the most unique, exciting and sure-to-be-popular gift ideas that we’re seeing while walking the New York International Gift Fair.  It is one of the biggest events of its kind in the world and it’s right here in our own... Read more »

2013 New York International Gift Fair

January 25, 2013    |    By +
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The New York International Gift Fair, also known as NYIGF to us insiders, is the king of all gift fairs. You will find more gifts under one roof here, than anywhere else in the USA. And it is right around the corner (January 26th – 30th)! NYIGF is the largest conference created exclusively for gift... Read more »

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CES Favorites: iPotty for iPad

January 9, 2013    |    By +
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CES Favorites: iPotty for iPad

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the world’s largest consumer electronics trade show. With over 150,000 industry attendees on hand to check out over 2500 exhibitors showcasing the latest technology that is ready for your living room, the 1.6 million feet of exhibit space is a gadget fiend’s paradise. Consumer electronics are still... Read more »

Baby Halloween Costume Party

September 25, 2012    |    By +
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Baby Halloween Costume Party

What is cuter than a baby in a costume? Well, it’s almost the 30 day countdown to Halloween and I have been on the search for the most adorable and super hilarious baby costumes out there. When it comes to finding the most perfect baby costume it’s important that the costume is comfortable and... Read more »

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5 Fabulous DIY Baby Shower Gifts

September 11, 2012    |    By +
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5 Fabulous DIY Baby Shower Gifts

Sometimes the most thoughtful and meaningful gifts are those that are made by hand with love. A homemade present carries with it love and sentiment that you can’t get from a toaster oven or other store bought gifts. Read on for some ideas of gifts that you can make yourself for a baby shower.... Read more »

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