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Editor Spotlight: Totseat Portable High Chair

September 10, 2013    |    By +
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As a mom-to-be myself, I have been having so much fun researching baby products that will help simplify my transition into a chaotic and wonderful new life with a baby. You’ve seen my post about lightweight strollers and baby shower gifts for small spaces and now it’s time to get you up to speed... Read more »

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Road Test: Ultra Lightweight Strollers

August 7, 2013    |    By +
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Practically every stroller company is introducing an ultra-light model to their line. Remember those rickety umbrella strollers from when you were a kid? Strollers have come a long way since. Lightweight strollers have convertible features you can adjust as the baby grows, and their weight certainly means easier use by the parents. Who wants... Read more »

7 Baby Shower Gifts for People Who Live in Small Spaces

July 29, 2013    |    By +
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As a mom-to-be, I have chronic cute-itis. Don’t worry, cute-itis is not life-threatening. However, my cute-itis has me cooing over every cute baby thing that I come across (and in my job at, I come across A LOT) from infant skinny jeans to ginormous gingham gliding rockers. But here’s my buzz kill: I... Read more »

Guest Guru: Adam Cohen of DaDa Rocks!

June 14, 2011    |    By +
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Guest Guru: Adam Cohen of DaDa Rocks!

We always hear about mom bloggers, but what about all those multitasking Dads out there? Father, blogger and all-around techie, Adam Cohen manages to make working a full-time job and running his blog, Dadarocks, look easy. We all know the schedule of a new parent can be tough, but he makes it work, raising... Read more »

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Bundle Up Your Babe

February 25, 2011    |    By +
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Bundle Up Your Babe

Like a house guest that never leaves, this winter has officially outstayed its welcome! While we layer-up to face the elements, I can only image the effect this blustery weather has on little ones who are riding around outside in strollers and carriers. Lucky for them, there’s a complete line of cold-busting gear from... Read more »

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