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Travel Gift Buying Dos & Don’ts

July 15, 2013    |    By +
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summer travel gift etiquette

We’ve all been there: it’ the last day of your vacation somewhere amazing and you realize that the crew at the office, your best friend and your mom are probably expecting a little trinket from your far-off travels. What do you do? You already spent your vacation budget and will be getting home on... Read more »

How to be an Amazing Overnight Guest

July 8, 2013    |    By +
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overnight guest etiquette

Whether you’re crashing at your friend’s house for one night, or staying with relatives over a long holiday weekend, there are some things to remember as an overnight visitor. The golden rule serves as a good general guideline here: “Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you.” Everyone knows what... Read more »

To Give, or Not to Give (a Graduation Gift)? That is the Question!

May 13, 2013    |    By +
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Graduation gift etiquette can be completely confusing. Between kindergarten graduation, high school graduation, and college degrees, graduation is a potential gift giving mine field. When are you expected to give a gift and when is it OK not to? With all of our purse strings as tight as they can be, you need to... Read more »

Dinner Guest Gifts: Dos & Dont’s

November 12, 2012    |    By +
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Being invited to dinner at someone’s home is an opportunity to show off your fabulous manners whether old or new friends. But, because dinners can feel so comfortable, we all eat dinner after all, we can take the situation for granted and make easy etiquette mistakes. So, I’ve put together some quick Dos & Don’ts that will... Read more »

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Most Gifted Wrapper Contest Kicks-Off!

August 6, 2012    |    By +
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Most Gifted Wrapper Contest Kicks-Off!

We at spend every day searching for the greatest gifts. But, we can’t forget about the icing on the cake, the cherry on top, the…wrapping! Every year, our friends at Scotch Tape host the Most Gifted Wrapper Contest that searches for and honors the best gift wrappers around. If you or someone you... Read more »

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How Much to Spend on a Graduation Gift?

June 14, 2012    |    By +
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How Much to Spend on a Graduation Gift?

I’m going to break the price of graduation gifts down for you. Time Magazine estimated that Americans will spend 4.7 billion dollars on Graduation this year. That is a lot of gift giving going on! Of course, you are never obligated to send a graduation gift. You are only required to give a gift... Read more »

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#1 Teacher! Celebrate Yours Today.

May 8, 2012    |    By +
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#1 Teacher! Celebrate Yours Today.

If you ask me, without teachers we would still be living in caves and grunting at each other. But for some reason that idea falls by the wayside all year, except for today. Today is National Teachers Day. I was a teacher for a few years so I know a thing or two about... Read more »

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