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Gifts for Loyal Leo Men

July 23, 2013    |    By +
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For the love of Leos! They love being the center of attention but at the same time they are generous, warmhearted, loyal, and passionate. What’s not to love? They like brand names and making a splash, but not with anything too out of the ordinary. Their guilty pleasure is spending time playing poker with... Read more »

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5 Gifts Your Admin Wants!

April 25, 2013    |    By +
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Today is Administrative Professionals Day! So today, is the ideal time to think about how celebrate and say thank you to those who help us stay on track with our day to day business routines and keep us organized 24/7. When looking for the perfect gifts for your secretary or assistant keep it non-personal,... Read more »

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Luxe Gifts for the Over-the-Top Hostess

January 16, 2013    |    By +
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Luxe Gifts for the Over-the-Top Hostess

We all have those people in our lives who have it all and love to share it at their fabulous and frequent parties. But, what is an appropriate hostess gift for these oh so over the top domestic divas? Do they really need a gift? Well they don’t need anything, but you can still... Read more »

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A Short History of Dolls

December 26, 2012    |    By +
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Dolls have been around for millennia, with the first appearing a staggering 15,000 years ago. Since then, they have been, bought, collected and given as gifts to people of all ages for a variety of different cultural and customary reasons. Here is a short history of dolls, explaining some of the interesting and unusual... Read more »

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6 Gifts to Set up Your Holiday Gift Closet!

November 15, 2012    |    By +
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The holidays can be stressful, so now that we are still far enough out that we can think straight, you should seriously consider stocking a few gifts on hand for unexpected guests and last minute party invitations. I like to call it the “holiday gift closet” but it can be a shelf, under a... Read more »

Dinner Guest Gifts: Dos & Dont’s

November 12, 2012    |    By +
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Being invited to dinner at someone’s home is an opportunity to show off your fabulous manners whether old or new friends. But, because dinners can feel so comfortable, we all eat dinner after all, we can take the situation for granted and make easy etiquette mistakes. So, I’ve put together some quick Dos & Don’ts that will... Read more »

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50 Days Until Christmas!!!

November 4, 2012    |    By +
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It’s hard to believe but today marks 50 days until Christmas!  We at pretty much never stop thinking about Christmas and we get especially excited when we hit the 50 day mark. We have done all sorts of homework to help your holiday shopping and celebrating be as simple as pie (or simpler!).... Read more »

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Top 10 Most Unusual Gifts: 2012 Giftee Awards

October 29, 2012    |    By +
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DK Giftee Awards Most Unusual Feature

They’re here! With your help, we have found the best of the best in 10 amazing gift categories. And, big thanks to the help of the Giftee Awards Judges  in trimming down the nominees from over 5,000 total to 10 for each category.  Trust me when I say that there were SO many others we wish... Read more »

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A Rap is the Gift that Keeps Giving!

October 19, 2012    |    By +
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Custom rap songs written, produced and rapped for any special occasion are now a possibility! Do you or someone you know love hip hop? Or, do you just think it would be funny to give someone a personalized rap? Be prepared for a unique & fun way to say Happy Birthday, Congratulations or celebrate... Read more »

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Sweetest Day is October 20th!

October 18, 2012    |    By +
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  For those unaware, not unlike me, this October 20th is Sweetest Day. Primarily celebrated in areas surrounding the Great Lakes, Sweetest Day is a day to cherish both those you love as well as those less fortunate. Often referred to as another Valentine’s Day, Sweetest Day has turned into an occasion to dote... Read more »

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