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Valentine’s Day Gifts – Splurge or Save?

January 30, 2014    |    By +
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Many times, it’s not the cost of the object that counts — it’s the thought. And for Valentine’s Day, cost is certainly a factor: According to our survey, most people reported they won’t spend more than $50 on a Valentine’s Day gift. Still, no matter how many years you’ve been together or if... Read more »

Why Do We Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

February 14, 2013    |    By +
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When I first think of Valentine’s Day, I think of greeting cards and stressed out couples trying to romance each other at the last minute with cliche’ gifts. But, this holiday of hearts and cupids has a much more dramatic (and interesting) past. “St. Valentine’s Day began as a liturgical celebration of one or... Read more »

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Same Day Valentine’s Day Gifts

February 13, 2013    |    By +
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Did you forget about Valentine’s Day? Don’t fret I have you covered! Here are a few last minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas  that will surprise and delight your sweetie. A Rose by Any Other Name When you are struggling to find something that can be delivered TODAY, flowers are definitely a safe bet. Many... Read more »

4 (and more) Unique Valentines for Kids

February 8, 2013    |    By +
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Get the kids into this traditionally “grown up” holiday with a gift made just for them. Instead of the same boring plush and chocolates you give every year, give something that they’ll really remember. Treat your little loves this Valentine’s Day to a special gift straight from the heart. Whether its heart themed fashions... Read more »

7 Days Until Valentine’s Day!

February 7, 2013    |    By +
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If you haven’t started thinking about it yet, do yourself a favor and start now! You still have a week to make your valentine happy with a gift they’ll never forget. Spread our reminder around so that your friends, family, and significant other can get on the band wagon. The experts here at Read more »

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Valentine Jewelry You’ll Actually Want

February 6, 2013    |    By +
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Let’s face it flowers are nice, but they die in a few days. Candy is delicious, but it gets gobbled up in minutes and all that follows is regret. But, jewelry lasts for years & years, just like his love! So, if you are trying to give him a subtle hint or two about... Read more »

RECIPE: Red Velvet Whoopie Pie Hearts

February 5, 2013    |    By +
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This year, celebrate Valentine’s Day with a scrumptious whoopie pie recipe that will please any Valentine! Of course, if you don’t want to bake you can always buy delicious chocolates in unique flavors like the Organic Spicy Aztec Valentine Chocolate Bar or for something more traditional try the Godiva Dark Chocolate Truffle Heart Biscuit Gift... Read more »

Valentine’s Gifts for Teen Guys

February 4, 2013    |    By +
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Whether looking for a significant other or a family member, shopping for teen guys can be tricky. When Valentine’s Day comes around, many are left wondering what direction to take. A traditional route might be candy or a watch. But, if you want to do something different for the guy in your life, I... Read more »

Crazy Reasons to Celebrate in February

February 1, 2013    |    By +
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There is more to February than celebrating Valentine’s Day and Black History Month. Not that either of those aren’t awesome on their own. But, there are a whole host of obscure reasons to celebrate this month that I don’t want you to miss out on. So, here is a list of the most ridiculous... Read more »

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Top 10 Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts

January 29, 2013    |    By +
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  Do you hear birds chirp when you see your sweetheart? Do you scribble off love notes before you go on a business trip or are going to miss morning coffee time? Do all of your friends get a kick out of how undeniably in love you two still are? Well you, my friend,... Read more »

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