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Anniversaries are a special way to keep the romance alive year after year. Unless it’s a big milestone year, such as 25 years or 50 years, most anniversaries are celebrated just between the two of you. So you’ve picked the restaurant, hired the sitter if you need to, and all that’s left on your to-do list is to buy an anniversary gift. There are guides for traditional and modern anniversary gifts, but another way to go is to create a personalized or customized gift. When choosing personalized gifts, don’t forget that you also probably have tons of photos and mementos that can be utilized to create a memorable, custom-created gift. I found a few clever anniversary ideas and wanted to share them with you.

Art from your Voice

We love romantic gestures with subtle undertones. Voice Art Gallery ($75), literally art made from your voice, is one of those gifts that is special in way that only you two know. You record a private message for a loved one,  send it over and the company creates a one-of-a-kind and very modern piece of artwork straight from your voice.


Your Names in Wood

This is a perfect 5th anniversary gift, the year to give something wood.  There is something so timelessly romantic about engraving you + me on a tree that has stood there for decades.  Try capturing that  romance in something you can display everyday with this Heart Basswood plaque ($29.99).


Infiniti Love – Box for a Bottle

Show them you’ll love them forever with this Infiniti Love Box from Box for a Bottle ($49). It will tie your love together by engraving each of your names in two infinity-symbol hearts. Inside the box, you can customize a special message that only your loved one will see when the box is opened. Wine is not included, so make sure to pick up his or her favorite bottle to make the gift complete. You could even do a personalized bottle of wine, too, if you wanted.



WiFi Hotspot Cuff Links

This is a perfect, romantic gift for your tech-loving hubby.  These cuff links ($249) are cool and stylish, but double as a Wifi hotspot and 2 GB USB drive. Bonus romance points if you load favorite songs, notes or images onto the USB drive before you give him the cuff links.


To kick it up your anniversary celebration a notch, try adding in some sweet gestures to these gifts to really make the day special. Send your spouse on a scavenger hunt, for example, take care of some of the chores that day or create a handmade card. What are some special and romantic gifts you have given your one and only? Tell us in the comments section. And for more anniversary gift ideas, visit


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