Traditional vs. Modern Third Anniversary Gifts

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With my own third anniversary happening this week (I got married 10/10/10), I have been on the hunt for some cool ideas for traditional and modern gifts that can help celebrate, commemorate and resonate with me and my hubs. I like rules, but I like to bend them a little bit. So, here is my guide to gifting for the third anniversary that won’t put you to sleep. Let’s first agree on one thing: only couples buy themselves third anniversary gifts. Don’t expect gifts or cards from anyone else. This is for the two of you to covet on your own. Because you’re a team now and you want to keep the team spirit going for as long as you can I suggest getting gifts that you can share or use together to make new memories.



You can go completely lux with this and pick up leather luggage, a designer handbag/briefcase or a nice pair of boots or gloves for each of you. Or, you can go off the map and go horseback riding in a leather saddle somewhere beautiful for the day (local trails or even a Caribbean beach). If you’re more rock and roll than that, rent a motorcycle for the day. Just make sure there’s a leather saddle!

Another uncommon idea for the sports fan couple is to get tickets to a ball game. Football, baseball, soccer, because all of them have equipment that is made out of leather! Splurge on good seats and maybe you’ll catch a fly ball to commemorate your leather anniversary.

Here’s some leather-wrapped inspiration, or visit to see all of our leather gift ideas.



Glass or Crystal

Vases, serving pieces and candle holders are all glass or crystal additions to your home that will last a lifetime and can be made more personal with an etched monogram. This is also the perfect time to stock up on nice barware that you can use to toast each other, guests and all sorts of occasions over the years. Pick out a set together for your wine, whiskey or other favorite libation. Missing crystal water glasses? Why not splurge now?

Or, you could find a local or internationally famous glass artist and buy a piece of art. Everything from sun-catchers to lamps are made of art glass. Have fun finding something that you both like. Lastly, you could search an antique market for a stained glass window to hang in your home.

Here are a couple of affordable ideas, or see all of our favorite glass gifts.


What other unique ideas have you thought of for the 3rd anniversary? Share them with us in the comments!

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