60th Birthday Gifts for Dad

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My father-in-law is about to turn 60, and my own dad is already 65. I can tell you from firsthand experience that men this age are seriously hard to shop for. Dads don’t really want stuff. They want some stuff, true, but it’s expensive stuff that only they know about and that they will most likely buy for themselves anyway. They aren’t the best communicators about what they want and so, they’re usually disappointed by the one thing I finally found that I think is really cool. To help everyone out there trying to shop for 60th Birthday Gifts for Men, I put together this guide, going by the personality of their heyday.

The Ex-Hippie Dad:

This is my dad. I’m pretty sure that if he had things his way, he would have stayed in the 60s forever. He’s a product of the Age of Aquarius and was a radical activist. He loves the power of nature, music, philosophy, politics and the spirituality of all religions. I like to riff off his love of nature by giving him something straight from Mother Nature herself like a Himalayan salt lamp that is said to change the energy in a room and make those near it feel more at peace. Or, an experience certificate to go for an easy hike somewhere close by.


The Ex-Rocker Dad:

This is my father-in-law. He’s growing his hair back out and listening to all the old rock bands like The Stooges, Jimi Hendrix and everyone else who experimented with guitars in the late 60s and early 70s. He’s super low-key with how he spends his time aside from keeping up with his six adult sons and growing some palm trees and veggies in the back yard. He does like to cook, but his repertoire is simple and he likes it that way. What do we get him? This guy would love some tickets to a reunion tour concert of any rock band from his era. Maybe you could even go with him and hear his stories of his youth. Brace yourself! Or, you can get him this Ticket Stub Diary where he can immortalize the shows he’s been to over the years.



The Ex-Disco Dad:

This guy loves to get down! Or at least he did back in the day. He can tell you stories about nightclubs and Debbie Harry and Andy Warhol. He might even have shown off some chest hair. He loves music with a good beat and socializing. What does he want now that he’s past those wild times and moving into a mellower phase? Throw him a party on a boat that has a great sound system. Or get him a Karaoke Machine with built-in light show and stock it with all of his disco favorites.


The Ex-Folk Dad:

He plays the guitar, acoustic only. He has a sense of peace, no matter what type of work he does from 9 to 5. These guys are classic and don’t fuss over stuff except their sound systems and hiking shoes. He’s still happiest fireside with some John Denver playing. You could get him a folk singer songbook for the guitar or rent a cabin for the weekend to enjoy some bonding time in the quiet company of nature.



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Do you have a tough dad to shop for? What is his personality? Share it with us in the comments and we’ll try to help you find the perfect gift.


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