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Things are about to get hairy around here. When they do, you can thank the Australians. Back in 2003, when facial hair was still distinctly on the outs, two guys in Melbourne had an idea. They would bring back the moustache (spelled mustache in the U.S.) and raise awareness for all the mens’ health issues that weren’t getting any play. Because let’s face it: it’s hard to casually drop the word “prostate” into conversation. They rounded up 30 friends, who each started the month of November clean-shaven and proceeded to grow and groom a “mo” over the next 30 days. Anyone who asked about it (and everyone did) heard about the good cause, too.

A mo-vement was born. Ten years later, those 30 guys in Melbourne have multiplied into more than 1.1 million “Mo Bros” in 21 countries, who, along with their supportive “Mo Sistas,” raised $147 million toward keeping men healthy in 2012 alone. They throw “Gala Partés,” celebrate the gentlemanly greatness of their mos, and have a heck of a good time.

Their goal, says Mark Hedstrom, Movember’s country director for the United States, is to “have an everlasting impact on the face of men’s health.” And they have: in 2011 and 2012, Movember was named one of the top 100 NGOs in the world by Global Journal.

Are you ready to throw your mo in the ring, or support someone who plans to? Here are a few gift ideas for Mo Bros, Mo Sistas, and more:

For Him

Mustache Growers Kit

From Broquet, purveyors of splendiferous gifts for men, a Mustache Grower’s Kit ($49) that contains everything you need to pamper your ‘stache, including gin and tonic mustache wax, mustache comb and a “grower’s guide.”


For Her

Is it your destiny never to grow a mo? Never fear. There are plenty of ways to show your mo solidarity, including these fun Knee-High Mo Socks ($10) and Mustache Love Necklace ($35.99).

Knee High Mo Socksnecklace-with-mustache




For the House

Mustache Welcome Doorrmat

Include your humble abode in the Movember festivities with this memorable mustache welcome mat ($15).


For the Bathroom


Get inspired and build your ‘stache vocabulary with a Gentleman’s Shower Curtain ($15.44), screen printed with the names and graphics of 35 gentlemanly facial hair styles, designed by Kiki Sciullo for Kikkerland.


For the Baby


 Baby Mustache SuitBaby Mustachifier



It’s never too early—or too late—to celebrate Movember, says this cute little Moustache Baby Suit ($25) and Mustachifier ($10) from Uncommon Goods.

Visit for more gift ideas for men, including mustache gifts like Mrs. Mustachio unBasket, Mr. Mustachio unBasket and … mo’.



Lavonne Leong lives with her husband and daughters in Honolulu, where she writes about arts, education, science, families, and yes, shopping. She’s the editor-at-large for San Francisco-based Red Bridge Press, and her first children’s book, Up in the Hawaiian Sky, is due out this month. She can relate to women everywhere in Movember, as her husband once grew some spectacular mutton chop sideburns for a theater role.

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