The Weirdest Valentine’s Day Gifts

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When it comes to gift ideas, it’s pretty hard to stump us at There’s no gifting scenario that we haven’t come across, including 2013′s holiday mashup, Thanksgivukkah. So we can handle gift-related challenges. At least, so we thought. Yet after we surveyed more than 1,200 adults across America for our survey, we found that some people’s Valentine’s Day gift wishes were more unusual than we could have predicted. For example, one survey respondent was pining for a pet piglet the size of a tea cup. Wow, I did not see that one coming. See the infographic for more details on the survey, but for this blog, I have tried to take some of the more unusual gift requests and turn them into something easier to actually procure.

Request: “A tea cup piglet.”

Get real with: A cuddly stuffed pig ($30), or a piggy bank ($39.95 for the set of two).

Request: “Gas.” (We assume for the car…)

Get real with: A retro gas pump ($29.95) that dispenses high-octane cocktails. How cute would this look in a man cave or basement wet bar?


Request: “A gun.”

Get real with: If it’s action/adventure he’s after, choose a movie like “2 Guns,” which for $14.95 has plenty of excitement and does not require a safety lock.


Request: “Herbs for better performance.”

Get real with: Not sure what kind of performance we’re talking about but I will definitely take the high road. How about these handy cards, which can give you better athletic performance. The Strength Stack 52 Bodyweight Fitness Cards ($16.95) is a deck designed to be used by beginners up to advanced exercisers, and does not require any equipment.


Request: “Round trip airfare to Riviera Maya.”

Get real with: How about an experiential gift in your own city? Cloud 9 Living offers experiences like biking, canoeing, romantic gondola rides and more. You can get away and have a romantic afternoon, no passport required.

Request: “Wool socks.”

Get real with: Well, you could easily get wool socks, but why not keep her feet warm with something far more fun? These wool felted slippers ($34.99) are handmade of sheep’s wool, in Nepal.


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