The Best Gifts for Virgo Women

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Virgos (born Aug. 23 through Sept. 22) are famously organized, and nothing gets a Virgo’s heart pounding faster than a tidy zone. It might be in the form of a color-coded spreadsheet, or a pantry with all the soup labels facing the same direction, or a specialized storage container, like a wreath holder or wrapping paper caddy. Fussy? Heck, yes. I’m a Virgo and I know we can be a little cold and meticulous, but on the plus side, we make great friends: We always show up when we say we will and do what we say we’ll do. We’re known for being analytical, excelling in fields like police work, and for being good communicators, working in fields such as writing and editing.

Famous Virgos include one of the best singers of all time, the late Patsy Cline (Sept. 8), as well as funny actors Aisha Tyler (Sept. 18) and Cameron Diaz (Aug. 30). Hilarious must be part of the Virgo traits, because another brilliant comic, Melissa McCarthy, was born Aug. 26. If I were shopping for her, I’d pick a Personalized Comic Artwork, ($239). She’d provide the funny photo (an outtake from “Bridesmaids,” maybe?) and this company, AllPopArt, would turn in into a comic-book style artwork.



I once read something that said a Virgo can’t live without her blender and I was like, Yessss! I don’t know what the Virgo-blender connection is; maybe it’s our reputation for being so practical? But it’s so true; I need a blender. This Cuisinart Soup Maker and Blender ($116) crushes ice for margaritas, whips up smoothies and can even handle hot soup.


But soup, schmoup, let’s go back to the margaritas. If you’re giving a blender as a gift, you could create a theme and give your Virgo a Margarita Madness Gift Basket ($79.99) with glasses, margarita salt, limes and mix. Add a bottle of tequila and you have a really nice, late-summer gift.



A Virgo can happily organize shelves and closets as entertainment. A Tabletop Spinning Cosmetic Organizer ($29.82) would have her gleefully arranging—and rearranging—all her makeup for maximum efficiency.



Or help her organize her purse, with a personalized, leather passport case ($39.95) stamped with her initials.



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